Acapulo Sativa- Glamorous Acapulo Sativa


Acapulo Sativa originally grew in a coastal climate. Today, cannabis farmers grow it indoors and outdoors, with a flowering period between 60-70 days. It does not require much maintenance, making it a fairly easy plant to grow.

Canna Connection estimates that it reaches a height of around 3.6 feet when grown indoors, with a yield of up to 500 grams, an average yield compared to other cannabis strains.

However, growing it outdoors, where it has extra light and space, maximizes the yield. Some farmers report outdoor grows are double the size of indoor grows.

Ultimately, this historically significant Acapulo Sativa dominant remains popular due to its alluring amber shine, clean and energizing high, and by its prestige as one of North America’s true landrace strains.

Use Acapulo Sativa to help break out of a creative rut and feel a piece of history.